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Natalie Dormer at SDCC 2014 |”Women Who Kick Ass” session


Camila and Lauren outside the venue (Houston, TX - 07/26/14)


Thank you to everyone who messaged me.

Dylan, the author of Should Have Asked for Directions and the original victim of the theft, contacted me regarding the matter. Dylan pursued legal action against the thief and shut down the thief’s production, so I’m in the clear, in terms of TKTD.

i just found out about the stuff happening with shafd today…wtf WTF!!!!

Arya had to change her identity to survive so many times, like Arry and Nan, and now that she’s finally on her own, like going wherever she wants to go, do you feel that she’s still attached to who she is as a Stark or do you think that she is someone new entirely? How do you play that?


Tatiana Maslany looks younger than Sarah Manning, but Cosima Niehaus looks younger than Tatiana Maslany. How?



Until recently, I have had a tremendous amount of shame about the bullying I experienced as a child.
Whenever something would happen and my mother would find out, she would yell at me and say,
"Why didn’t you fight back?! What are you doing to make them treat you like that?"
So I felt like it was my fault.

There is a genuine dangers of my tears shorting out the computer and turning this entirely into a Laverne Cox fanblog.

The whole INTERNET should be a Laverne Cox fanblog.

Fifth Harmony as Pokemon’s Elite Five

[part 1 / 5]

Fifth Harmony as Pokemon’s Elite Five

[part 2 / 5]

  • college: what are you good at?
  • me: procrastination